Bob’s Philosophy

Bob’s Philosophy

The Mechanic

Dr. Bob Hardy, DVM

One morning I went out to find that my car wouldn’t start. I was new to Austin, had never had any problems with my car, and didn’t have a clue who to take it to for repairs. I decided to have it towed to the closest dealership. They took care of the problem and charged me a great deal of money. Two weeks later my engine light came on … more repairs … and more money. Three weeks later, while waiting at a light, my car died. Hmmmmmm … I thought. Am I getting ripped off? Maybe I should take it to a different place. The new place took care of all my car’s problems and they happily took my money. Again, about three weeks later, my car broke down. This happened two more times in the next three months, but I wasn’t ready to give up on my car because I hadn’t found a mechanic I trusted.

Suddenly I had a revelation. I could be that honest “pet” mechanic for the veterinary community. At that moment I made a covenant to treat my clients as I wanted to be treated, and my patients as if they were my own pets. When it comes to veterinary medicine, I strive to be fair, ethical, honest, reasonably priced, and to put you and your pet’s best interest first. I don’t expect you to understand medicine, but I will explain the situation in terms you can understand and provide you with options. I will do my very best to be the good and honest mechanic that I was searching for.

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