What do I do if my pet has loose stool or diarrhea?

Allergies, change in diet, arthritic pain, drinking from streams/lakes, eating “people food,” and weather changes are all common causes of stress diarrhea. Feeding high fiber food: canned pumpkin, Hills canned r/d, or a teaspoon (small dogs/cats) or tablespoon (larger dogs) of Metamucil added to your pet’s regular food can help in eliminating stress diarrhea. There are many serious medical conditions that can cause diarrhea. If your pet’s diarrhea persists beyond 12 hours or returns, seek veterinary care immediately.

What do I do if my pet vomits?

Allergies, change in diet, drinking from streams/lakes, eating “people food,” and over activity are all common causes of vomiting. If your pet vomits up every meal, continually dry heaves, is painful in the belly, and cannot get comfortable, seek medical attention as soon as possible. If your pet has an episode of vomiting but otherwise acts fine, feed small amounts of water or ice cubes exclusively for 12 hours followed by boiled, bland white rice. If the pet vomits the rice, seek veterinary care immediately. If the pet holds down the rice, slowly introduce it back to its normal food.

What do I do if a bee stings my pet?

Seek veterinary care as soon as possible to avoid the potential of an anaphylactic reaction. Before heading off to the veterinarian, cats can be give 10mg of prednisone orally, while small dogs can be given (1/2) 25mg Benadryl orally, 25 pound dogs can be given (1) 25mg Benadryl orally, and a 50 pound or larger dog can be given (2) 25mg Benadryl’s orally.

What do I do if my dog collapses from heat?

Cool the dog down as soon as possible and then seek immediate veterinary care. You can douse the dog with water by way of a yard hose or in the shower, pour rubbing alcohol on the bottom of the dog’s feet (pads), wrap the dog in a wet towel and then head off to the veterinarian. Do not try to force cold liquid down the dog’s throat.


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